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In partial explanation for the dearth of posts over the last year or so, new projects have been afoot. It has included more doing and less writing about it, but also a new project with filmmaker Luke Rosen. The first short video is on foraging pine forest mushrooms in NSW, with more to come on sea snails and urchins, acorn foraging and wild greens. From there, who knows? We’ve got some hunting footage in the can, but it is strangely taboo viewing in Australia – perhaps as hunter who has been a vegetarian except for hunted meat for 25 years, we might actually be able to get to the nub of the fact that it is the closest we can get to where ethical meat comes from. We also haven’t really touched on growing at home, beekeeping or chooks; and we’re largely leaving fishing to the massive section of the internet and other media already dedicated to it. That still leaves an enormous amount of wild food to cover – stay tuned (on the new site).

I have also started a major challenge of living on wild and homegrown food only for a year with the exception of just ten ingredients. This is written up on the new website, with more posts to come. Head on over and check it out HERE.




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